“Sportsmanship is Everyone’s Responsibility” presented at the annual CIAC Sportsmanship Conference

“To foster and promote the spirit of good sportsmanship and cultural diversity”
– Southern Connecticut Conference Constitution, circa 1994.

Promoting sportsmanship is an important aspect of the Southern Connecticut Conference and the league’s member schools are committed to do whatever necessary to enhance efforts in this regard.

What is sportsmanship?

Good sportsmanship is viewed by the National Federation of State High School Associations as a commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is defined as those qualities which are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others:

  • Play fair, take loss or defeat without complaint, or victory without gloating
  • Treat others as you wish to be treated
  • Respect others and one’s self
  • Impose self-control, be courteous, and gracefully accept results of one’s actions
  • Display ethical behavior by being good (character) and doing right (action)
  • Be a good citizen.

Sportsmanship and Spectator Expectations at SCC Events

Crowd Control
The home school is responsible for crowd control.  However, if the visiting team has someone designated who will accept responsibility for their respective school; it will facilitate easier control and hopefully avoid incidents.  When a large following from the visiting school (or it is a rival opponent) is expected, an administrator or his/her designee should attend the contest.

Noisemakers and Signs
Member schools shall refrain from bringins offensive signs, noisemakers, music boxes, musical instruments, whistles, etc. to games (primarily basketball games).  Pep bands at indoor contests are only permitted at home contests.

Spectators are expected to be properly clothed at all times.  Bare chested spectators will be prohibited from attending contests.

Spectator Expectations
1. Respect decisions made by contest officials.

2. Refrain from taunting, booing, heckling and the use of profanity in any manner.

3. Sit in the designated area assigned to each school.

4. Leaving a contest prior to its conclusion, with expectations of returning, may not be permitted.

5. Admission to this contest is not a license to verbally assault others or to be generally obnoxious or offensive.

6. Respect athletes, coaches and fans.

Be a Fan… Not a Fanatic!