Monday, May 16, 2022
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SCC Upholds Protest in Lyman Hall-Sheehan Baseball Game

A protest made by Lyman Hall High School regarding its baseball contest versus Sheehan on Wednesday, May 11, has been upheld.

Lyman Hall protested the game after a balk was called on its pitcher with runners on second and third base in the top of the fourth inning.

D.J. Nadeau, rules interpreter for the Greater New Haven Baseball Umpires Association ruled that the umpires’ call was misapplied (“the misapplication of the ability to feint to third base with a runner on third”) and informed SCC Commissioner Al Carbone and league Baseball Chairperson Mike Anquillare (West Haven athletic director), along with the two schools’ athletic directors.

A league committee consisting of Carbone, Anquillare and Foran athletic director Anthony Vitelli, then unanimously affirmed the protest, and agreed that the disputed call did have a direct impact on the game.

As a result, the game will be resumed on Tuesday, May 17 at Pat Wall Field, with Sheehan batting in the top of the fourth inning, and Lyman Hall leading, 4-2.  There will be runners at second and third base and one out. There is a 1-0 count on batter Anthony MarkAnthony.

The state’s pitch count rule will be applied when the game is resumed.  The pitch count is based on legal pitches thrown in a game/day and the corresponding day(s) of required rest or pitching to an additional batter(s) once they have reached the maximum pitch limitation.


SCC Athletic Bylaws, Section 1.7 – Contest Appeal/Protest/Grievance Procedure

A protest may be submitted by an offended school to the SCC only on a misapplication of the rules (not an official’s judgement call).


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