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SCC Girls Cross Country 2020 Season Preview


The 2020 girls cross country season begins Thursday, Oct. 1. 

The defending SCC champion is Guilford; the runner-up was Amity Regional.

Twenty of the top 25 runners at the 2019 SCC championship meet return to action in 2020, led by Sheehan senior Elisabeth Brown (2nd in 2019).


Head Coach: Sean Mahon (12th year)

2019 Recap:  Finished 2nd at the SCC championships

2020 Captains: Ariana Garay, Brigitte Gagnon, Caroline Chen

Top Returners:

Ariana Garay, First Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 4th at SCC championships

Aviva Wyner, First Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 5th at SCC championships

Nell Grant, Second Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 17th at SCC championships

2020 Season Outlook:

“Amity Girls Cross Country has a big team this year and many new runners. Our team members are students of the sport of running and are eager to learn what their bodies and minds can endure. Amity Cross Country always has high expectations and coming into this much different unexpected season, our team hopes to be able to be competitive with all of its competitors this season. We look forward to developing our new runners and pushing our individuals to test their limits.”



Head Coach: Kevin Connell (27th year)

2019 Recap: Finished 13th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Steph Toste, Maddy Steinman

Top Returners:

Isla Lionetti (finished 32nd at 2019 SCC championships), Bella Finta, Hannah Jackson, Steph Toste

2020 Season Outlook

“We do not have the numbers this year, but the top three ( Lionetti, Finta and Jackson)  will be competitive. They have really put in the effort so far and they are ready . The other girls will have to step up in order for us to be successful”


CAREER Panthers

Head Coach: Marlene Pratt



Head Coach: Rob Schaefer (32nd year)

2020 Captains: Brooke Daddio, Cate Bedard

Top Returners:

Olivia Ferraro – 1st team All-SCC in 2019; finished 11th in SCC championships

Meghan Georgescu1st team All-SCC; finished 12th in SCC championships

2020 Season Outlook

“We are so thankful to have a season this year.  Our team is small in number (16 runners) but strong in determination and pride.  Our goals are to win dual, tri, and quad meets and to qualify for the SCC Championship Meet, but our greatest goals include learning about the importance of being good teammates and good people.” 



Head Coach: Tim Geary

2019 Recap: Finished 4th at SCC championships

Top Returners:

Morgan Combs, Second Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 18th at SCC championships

Keelin Virgulto, finished 25th at SCC championships


EAST HAVEN Yellowjackets

Head Coach: Anthony Russell (18th year)

2019 Recap: Finished 16th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Erin Curran, Nicole Pendziwater

Top Returners:

Juliana Espinoza, junior, finished 53rd at SCC championships in 2019

2020 Season Outlook:

“With a senior-laden team on both sides, the Easties will look to be competitive this season and hopefully surprise a few teams.”



Head Coach: Shannon Ramsey (8th year)

2019 Recap:  Finished 12th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Haley Ruane and Iris Chen


Top Returners:

Mia Williams (6th at the Harry Geraghty Invitational; 22:48 at MM Championships, 39th place at the SCC Championships - all after a season plagued with injuries)

Haley Ruane (41st place at SCC Championships)


2020 Season Outlook:

“The Foran girls cross country team gained five new runners who have already proven to be incredible assets to our team.  After extra time practicing this season, I expect all athletes to meet their season goals sooner in the season than is typical. We are excited to have the opportunity to continue to race, and each athlete has committed to bringing their best to each meet!”



Head Coach: Jim Ford (43rd season)

2019 Recap:  Won the SCC championship for the third straight year

2020 Captains: Julia Antony, Yanli Muhs, Olivia Skapczynski

Top Returners:

Olivia Skapczynski - 1st Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 8th at SCC championships

Yanli Muhs - 1st Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 10th at SCC championships

Julia Antony – 2nd Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 14th at SCC championships

Clara Laughlin – 2nd Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 20th at SCC championships

2020 Season Outlook

“Despite being an all underclassman team roster, we hope to be highly competitive team in both the divisional, and SCC championship meets.”


HAMDEN Green Dragons

Head Coach: Mike Migliore (12th year)

2019 Recap:  Finished 10th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Indigo Irwin

Top Returners:

Indigo Irwin, senior (finished 33rd in 2019 SCC championships)

Lily Goldblatt, junior (finished 62nd at 2019 SCC championships)

Jessica Mele, senior

2020 Season Outlook:

“With new runners on the team we are looking to be competitive in our division. Our team goal is to compete at a high level and finish every race strong.”



Head Coach:  Michele Moore

Top Returners: Donnay Davis, Bernadette Karpel, Kayla Blackwell, Jennifer Garcia-Perez, Kiara Payne

2020 Season Outlook

"We are just looking forward to the opportunity to compete this fall."



Head Coach: Linwood Schulte (7th year)

2019 Recap: Finished 5th at the SCC championships

2020 Captains: Katie Konareski, Jordyn Konlian

Top Returners:

Katie Konareski, 16th place at Class MM state meet, 1st Team All SCC in 2019 – finished 6th at the SCC championships

Kaylee Brotherton (finished 42nd at SCC championships in 2019)

2020 Season Outlook

“We would like to improve on the team’s fifth place finish at the SCC championship meet a year ago.  All of the returnees from the team’s 10th place finish in the class MM, including Katie Konareski, Jenna Wasserman, Lauren Davis, Allison Gachi, and Courtney Hanson, and they all expect to improve on their times.



Head Coach: Ellis Gill (5th year)

2020 Captains: Kate Backus, Mimi Coghlan

Top Returners:

Kelly Jones (37th place at Class M state meet, finished 38th at SCC championships in 2019)

2020 Season Outlook:

“We would like to be one of the top six teams to make the SCC Championship meet, and if we are unable to accomplish this, send at least one runner as an individual to this meet. We would also like to compete as best we can to win at the division meet.”


LYMAN HALL Lady Trojans

Head Coach: Mike Addorisio (31st year)

2020 Captains: Caitlyn Hughes, Savannah Mangini

Top Returners:

Olivia Weir (finished 25th at SCC championships in 2019)

Madison Jackson (finished 32nd at SCC championships in 2019)

2020 Season Outlook:

“We look to improve from middle of the pack last year with our two top runners Olivia Weir and Madison Jackson. A new addition to the squad is Emily Chase, a junior who finished 7th last year in Class L indoor mile.”


MERCY Tigers

Head Coach: Jacque Simpson Gilson (7th season)

2019 Recap:  Finished 7th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Elizabeth Curran, Lillian Wimler

Top Returners:

Lillian Wimler (31st at SCC championships)

Kylie Fordyce (48th at SCC championships)

Raya Morin

Kayla Fordyce

2020 Season Outlook:

In 2020, there will be many factors outside of everyone’s control, but we are elated to be competing as a team! This year, we have a fun team dynamic with some new and fresh potential freshman and sophomores, as well as, plenty of returners that will help lead and encourage their teammates. I’m looking forward to seeing how the girls will push themselves and each other in this unprecedented season. Our goal is to compete well at each meet and continually improve as the season progresses.  With the new regions/divisions in place, it’s really anyone’s guess as to where we may stand, so, we just have to put our best foot forward and race.”



Head Coach: Sue Murphy (5th year)

2020 Captains:  Danyellie Orsini, Angie Remy

Top Returners:

Danyellie Orsini, 1st team All CTC in 2019

2020 Season Outlook:

“We have a great group of kids that continue to work hard, and continue to improve throughout the season.”



Head Coach: Patrick Redding (31st season)

2019 Recap:  8th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Karly Martino, Lily Torello

Top Returners:

Emma Kirck (finished 30th at SCC championships in 2019)

Karly Martino (finished 45th at SCC championships in 2019)

Chase Ireland

Newcomers that can contribute:  Julia Cannon, Hailey Spooner

2020 Season Outlook:

We are a young enthusiastic hardworking group. We won the division title last year, SHA's first since 1996.  The goal is to repeat as Division Champions and qualify for the SCC Championships.  Julia, Emma, and Karly have their sights set on Division and ALL-SCC honors. Our overall goal is to stay safe, wear our masks, social distance and wash our hands!!”


SHEEHAN Lady Titans

Head Coach: Frank Mohr (3rd season)

2019 Recap: Finished 9th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Elisabeth Brown, Amelia Mansfield

Top Returners:

Elisabeth Brown - All State and First Team All SCC in 2019; finished second at SCC championshps

Arianna Amodio - 2nd team All SCC in 2019; finished 24th at SCC championships

2020 Season Outlook:

“Despite running with only five girls all season, the team finished with a 6-4 record last season. Brown and Amodio will be looking to push even harder in 2020 along with Mansfield, Emma Reilly, Hitika Patel and newcomer Anjelika Kotula.”


SHELTON Gaelette

Head Coach: Katelyn Botsford Tucker (9th season)

2019 Recap: 11th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Amy Agreda, Anna Haynes

Top Returners:

Sophomore Taylor Ostrosky

Junior Sofia Gasbarro

Junior Emily Vasser

Senior Amy Agreda

2020 Season Outlook:

We are just so excited to be able to have a season, even if it looks a little different from other years. Cross Country runners are a very special type of student-athlete. It takes a lot to put yourself out on the trails every day over the summer not knowing what the fall will look like. And it takes dedication and heart to keep showing up to practice, sometimes at odd hours due to hybrid scheduling, wearing a mask, keeping your distance, doing your absolute best every day. That’s what our team is about. Things may be a little challenging this year but our athletes are absolutely rising to the occasion and I really couldn’t be more proud of them.”



Head Coach: Bill McDermott

2019 Recap: Finished 17th at SCC championships



Head Coach: Travis Gale (8th season)

2019 Recap:  Finished 6th at SCC championships

2020 Captains: Margo Pedersen

Top Returners:

Margo Pedersen, Second Team All-SCC in 2019; finished 15th at SCC championships

2020 Season Outlook

“We have always had a young team, we have great senior leadership.  We are excited for the future.  We go by the mantra, ‘Distance running is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical.’"

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