Monday, February 18, 2019
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SCC News

New Division Alignments for Girls Volleyball, Boys and Girls Soccer for 2018

The SCC Scheduling Committee has determined the new divisional alignments for the 2018 season for the sports of girls volleyball and boys and girls soccer.  Teams were ranked in order based on their two-year counting games record (32 games for girls volleyball, 28 for boys and girls soccer). The Committee also used the following criteria to schedule the two “intradivision games” (or in soccer, the two games that got all teams to 14 games due to division imbalance): Primary “rivals” were scheduled first; Competitive matchups using the rankings were considered next; then secondary “rivals.”


Girls Volleyball 2018 divisional alignment

Boys Soccer 2018 divisional alignment

Girls Soccer 2018 divisional alignment

Other sports that will follow this same scheduling process are boys and girls basketball, baseball and softball.