Monday, February 18, 2019
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SCC News

Fall Sports Captains Council Held

Over 400 fall sport captains were in attendance at the Southern Connecticut Conference Fall Captains Council session on Wednesday, September 15 at the New Haven Athletic Center.  The student-athletes participated in a two-hour event that was designed to have them interact with their peers and discuss the responsibilities of the position along with some pertinent leadership issues that currently face high school athletics.

SCC Commissioner Al Carbone welcomed the group and gave a brief review of the program and the league as a whole.  He congratulated them for being selected captains and wished them well in the "most exciting time of their lives."  Carbone added "this is an important time for you - this is where you distinguish yourself.   So be careful and watch what you say, what your write about others, especially on the Internet.  You never know who is watching you."   Carbone concluded his remarks by focusing on the positives of social media.   "Use it as a constructive tool to help distinguish yourself; use it to tell the good things you are doing as a leader of your teams, in your school and out in the community."

The group then broke up into groups of 20 to discuss the responsibilities of a captain.  Moderated by an athletic director, the captains discussed the responsibilities of the position along with the issues they face such as hazing, social media technologies like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and alcohol/drugs situations.   

The second part of the program saw the captains meet with their counterparts in their respective sport.  Moderated by the sport's athletic director chairperson, sport-specific topics such as new rules and league changes were communicated before a discussion about how the captains influence such things as sportsmanship, gamesmanship, hazing and school spirit.

The program concluded with a healthy boxed lunch provided by Madi and Mia's, a downtown New Haven-based restaurant.


Photos by Bill O'Brien