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2020 SCC Fall Sports All-Conference Recognition

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who are being recognized for their outstanding efforts this fall in the sports of boys/girls cross country, field hockey, boys/girls soccer, girls volleyball and girls swimming & diving.

Click here for the entire list (pdf)

Southern Connecticut Conference 2020 Fall Sports All-Conference Teams

Boys Cross Country

All-SCC (top 24 finishers comparing four divisional races; 1-12 are First Team; 13-24 are Second Team)

All-Division (top 7 finishers at each divisional race)


All-SCC First Team:  Eamon Burke (Xavier), Brody Santagata (Xavier), Mason Beaudette (Amity Regional), Ryan Farrell (Cheshire), Tanner Updyke (Guilford), Noah San Vicente (Xavier), Justin Shiffrin (Guilford), Andrew White (Hamden), Nick Cassarino (Xavier), Liam Fedigan (Jonathan Law), Joshua Lesniak (Xavier), Harrison Grenier (Daniel Hand)


All-SCC Second Team:  Sam Simko (Xavier), Ryan Franchi (Guilford), Michael Massotti (Guilford), Connor Parthsarthy (Daniel Hand), Jack Murphy (Lyman Hall), Jacob Kirejcyzk (Xavier), William Rodrigues (Shelton), Nate Heubner (Foran), Danny Hilmer (Daniel Hand), Anthony Galicia (Sheehan), Dante Zucconi (Daniel Hand), Robert DiNatale (Cheshire)


Division A:  Tanner Updyke (Guilford), Justin Shiffrin (Guilford), Harrison Grenier (Daniel Hand), Ryan Franchi (Guilford), Michael Massotti (Guilford), Connor Parthsarthy (Daniel Hand), Danny Hilmer (Daniel Hand)


Division B:  Mason Beaudette (Amity Regional), Liam Fedigan (Jonathan Law), William Rodrigues (Shelton), Nate Heubner (Foran), Ohm Patel (Notre Dame), Jayden Opper (Shelton), Jeremy Aprea (Shelton)


Division C: Nikita Omelchenko (Wilbur Cross), Wolfe Boone (Wilbur Cross), Allen Aldrich (West Haven, Justin Rodriguez (West Haven), James Weber (West Haven), Donald Bailey (Wilbur Cross), Alex Porter (West Haven)


Division D:  Eamon Burke (Xavier), Brody Santagata (Xavier), Ryan Farrell (Cheshire), Noah San Vicente (Xavier), Andrew White (Hamden), Nick Cassarino (Xavier), Joshua Lesniak (Xavier)


Girls Cross Country

All-SCC (top 24 finishers comparing four divisional races; 1-12 are First Team; 13-24 are Second Team)

All-Division (top 7 finishers at each division race)


All-SCC First Team:  Anna Steffen (Daniel Hand), Julia Antony (Guilford), Elisabeth Brown (Sheehan), Julia Cannon (Sacred Heart Academy), Nell Grant (Amity Regional), Kelly Jones (Lauralton Hall), Aviva Wyner (Amity Regional), Ariana Garay (Amity Regional), Olivia Kaisin (Guilford), Yanli Muhs (Guilford), Lorelei King (Guilford), Xochitl Sanchez (Wilbur Cross)


All-SCC Second Team: Ursula Adams (Guilford), Meghan Georgescu (Cheshire), Morgan Combs (Daniel Hand), Mackenzie Martin (Amity Regional), Olivia Skapczynski (Guilford), Emily Chase (Lyman Hall), Emma Kirck (Sacred Heart Academy), Olivia Ferraro (Cheshire), Hailey Spooner (Sacred Heart Academy), Caroline Chen (Amity Regional), Clara Laughlin (Guilford), Kylie Fordyce (Mercy)


Division A: Anna Steffen (Daniel Hand), Julia Antony (Guilford), Olivia Kaisin (Guilford), Yanli Muhs (Guilford), Lorelei King (Guilford), Ursula Adams (Guilford), Morgan Combs (Daniel Hand)


Division B: Nell Grant (Amity Regional), Kelly Jones (Lauralton Hall), Aviva Wyner (Amity Regional). Ariana Garay (Amity Regional), Mackenzie Martin (Amity Regional), Caroline Chen (Amity Regional), Claire Moulton (Jonathan Law)


Division C: Julia Cannon (Sacred Heart Academy), Xochitl Sanchez (Wilbur Cross), Emma Kirck (Sacred Heart Academy), Hailey Spooner (Sacred Heart Academy), Anna Omelchenko (Wilbur Cross), Kayla Blackwell (Hillhouse), Bernedette Karpel (Hillhouse)


Division D: Elisabeth Brown (Sheehan), Meghan Georgescu (Cheshire), Emily Chase (Lyman Hall), Olivia Ferraro (Cheshire), Kylie Fordyce (Mercy), Georgia Kirkendall (Hamden), Indigo Irwin (Hamden)


Field Hockey


Division A:  Raegan Bailey (Cheshire), Jessica Davies (Sheehan), Shea Docker (Daniel Hand), Reilly Dolan (Daniel Hand), Scout Engstrom (Branford), Maddie Epke (Guilford), Tarana Eldredge (Cheshire), Megan Hart (Daniel Hand), Grace Hartmann (Daniel Hand), Lauren Houle (Cheshire), Ashleen Keating (Lyman Hall), Shaelyn Kelley (Mercy), Lauren Kendrick (Branford), Lenora Longway (Branford), Allie Petonito (Guilford), Nina Shamas (Branford), Hannah Tillier (Guilford), Sophie Vagts (Cheshire), Taylor Warburton (Cheshire), Eve Young (Guilford), Kaylie Zemke (Mercy)


Division B:  Mariella BIceglia (North Haven), Mia Celentano (Sacred Heart Academy), Jianna Cohrs (Sacred Heart Academy), Elle Corcoran (Lauralton Hall), Kennedy Csejka (Amity Regional), Elle Cullinane (Hamden), Giulia Emanuel (Lauralton Hall), Clare McCurley (Sacred Heart Academy), Ella Miller (Hamden), Brooke Muller (Shelton), Keira O’Connor (Shelton), Julia Proto (Lauralton Hall), MaCaelan Rahn (Amity Regional), Morgan Rahn (Amity Regional), Payton Rahn (Amity Regional), Sydney Rossacci (Sacred Heart Academy), Cate Santa (Shelton),  Mackenzie White (North Haven)


Girls Swimming & Diving


All-SCC is the top three finishers from individual events and top two relays.

All-Division is the top six finishers from individual events and top three relays.




200 yard Medley Relay

Cheshire (Nora Bergstrom, Emma Glover, Mary Barto, Julia Barto), 1:50

Lyman Hall (Elise Richardson, Caroline Krawec, Hailey Baker, Elena Bielesz), 1:53.77

200 Freestyle:  Morgan Bagnall (Lauralton Hall), 1:52.88; Nora Bergstrom (Cheshire), 1:54.84; Norah Rome (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), 1:55.57

200 IM:  Julia Barto (Cheshire), 2:08.09; Julianna Tyler (Cheshire), 2:10.64; Emma Glover (Cheshire), 2:10.69

50 Freestyle:  Sophie Murphy (Cheshire), 23.68; Madeline Bergin (North Haven), 24:05; Katherine O’Connor (Amity Regional), 24.86

Diving:  Natalie DeMatteo (Cheshire), 392.75; MaKenna Sharpe (Jonathan Law), 360.40; Alyssa Cervero (Lyman Hall), 355.55

100 Butterfly:  Juliana Tyler (Cheshire), 58.34; Mary Barto (Cheshire), 58.69; Grace Mahon (Amity Regional), 58.96

100 Freestyle:  Sophie Murphy (Cheshire), 51.44; Madeline Bergin (North Haven), 52.04; Emma Panaroni (Hamden), 53.79

500 Freestyle:  Morgan Bagnall (Lauralton Hall0, 4:58.41; Norah Rome (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), 5:05.58; Nora Bergstrom (Cheshire), 5:06.63

200 Freestyle Relay

Cheshire (Julia Barto, Avery Potrala, Emma Glover, Sophie Murphy), 1:39.61

Amity Regional (Katherine O’Connor, Paige Boguniecki, Julia Snow, Emma Tirollo), 1:41.57

100 Backstroke:  Vivian Freitas (Lauralton Hall), 58.13; Emma Panaroni (Hamden), 1:00.36; Ava Keane (Daniel Hand), 1:01.12

100 Breaststroke:  Emma Glover (Cheshire), 1:06.82; Julia Barto (Cheshire), 1:07.71; Caroline Krawec (Lyman Hall), 1:07.71

400 Freestyle Relay

Cheshire (Sophie Murphy, Nora Bergstrom, Julianna Tyler, Avery Potyrala), 3:34

Lauralton Hall (Ashlyn Blessey, Morgan Bagnall, Claire Kehley, Vivian Freitas), 3:43.10


Division I


200 Medley Relay

Cheshire (Nora Richardson, Emma Glover, Mary Barto, Julia Barto)

Amity Regional (Elizabeth Bodie, Amanda Robinson, Grace Mahon, Paige Boguniecki)

North Haven (Brooke Nebor, Alice Scalmani, Mikayla Rapuano, Madeline Bergin)

200 Freestyle:   Morgan Bagnall (Lauralton Hall), Nora Bergstrom (Cheshire), Claire Kehley (Lauralton Hall), Avery Potyrala (Cheshire), Ava Keane (Daniel Hand), Caroline Begg (Lauralton Hall)

200 IM:  Julia Barto (Cheshire), Julianna Tyler (Cheshire), Emma Glover (Cheshire), Gabriella Tejada (Cheshire), Alice Scalmani (North Haven), Emma Savoie (Jonathan Law)

50 Freestyle:  Sophie Murphy (Cheshire), Madeline Bergin (North Haven), Katherine OConnor (Amity Regional), Amanda Wojenski (Hamden), Emma Tirollo (Amity Regional), Ashlyn Blessey (Lauralton Hall)

Diving:  Natalie DeMatteo (Cheshire), MaKenna Sharpe (Jonathan Law), Lillian Drufva (Hamden), Hannah Tao (Cheshire), Emma Nelly (Jonathan Law), Chandler Ceste-Martinez (North Haven)

100 Butterfly:  Julianna Tyler (Cheshire), Mary Barto (Cheshire), Grace Mahon (Amity Regional), Katherine O’Connor (Amity Regional), Mikayla Rapuano (North Haven), Gabriella Tejeda (Cheshire)

100 Freestyle:  Sophie Murphy (Cheshire), Madeline Bergin (North Haven), Emma Panaroni (Hamden), Avery Potyrala (Cheshire), Amanda Wojenski (Hamden), Ashlyn Blessey (Lauralton Hall)

500 Freestyle:  Morgan Bagnall (Lauralton Hall), Nora Bergstrom (Cheshire), Claire Kehley (Lauralton Hall), Julia Snow (Amity Regional), Caroline Begg (Lauralton Hall), Emma Savoie (Jonathan Law)

200 Freestyle Relay:

Cheshire (Julia Barto, Avery Potyrala, Emma Glover, Sophie Murphy)

Amity Regional (Katherine O’Connor, Paige Boguniecki, Julia Snow, Emma Tirollo)

Lauralton Hall (Ashlyn Blessey, Caroline Begg, Morgan Bagnall, Claire Kehley)

100 Backstroke:  Vivian Freitas (Lauralton Hall), Emma Panaroni (Hamden), Ava Keane (Daniel Hand), Ava Breton (Cheshire), Mikayla Rapuano (North Haven), Elizabeth Bodie (Amity Regional)

100 Breaststroke: Emma Glover (Cheshire), Julia Barto (Cheshire), Mary Barto (Cheshire), Gabrielle Sokolik (Cheshire), Alica Scalmani (North Haven), Hennessey Shane (Jonathan Law)

400 Freestyle Relay:  

Cheshire (Sophie Murphy, Nora Bergstrom, Julianna Tyler, Avery Potyrala)

Lauralton Hall (Ashlyn Blessey, Morgan Bagnall, Claire Kehley, Vivian Freitas)

Amity Regional (Lauren Sender, Grace Mahon, Emma Tirollo, Julia Snow)


Division II


200 Medley Relay

Lyman Hall (Elise Richardson, Caroline Krawec, Hailey Baker, Elena Bielasz)

Guilford (Sorina Cheng, Rylan Jacobson, Grace Young, Haley Moriarity)

East Haven/Wilbur Cross (Julia Rosado, Alora McCarroll, Jung Joo Kim, Norah Rome)

200 Freestyle: Norah Rome (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), Leila Sofiane (Sheehan), Hailey Baker (Lyman Hall), Elena Bielesz (Lyman Hall), Ellen Pan (Foran), Charlotte Martocci (Guilford)

200 IM:  Caroline Krawec (Lyman Hall), Eva Cuevas (Sacred Heart Academy), Sorina Cheng (Guilford), Jung Joo Kim (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), Erika Barone (Branford),  Kaelyn Falanga (West Haven)

50 Freestyle:  Elise Richardson (Lyman Hall), Julia Rosado (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), Greta Parkes (Shelton), Kayla Bretan (Shelton), Kate Convertito (Sacred Heart Academy), Melissa Juliano (Branford)

Diving:  Alyssa Cervero (Lyman Hall), Savanna Bauman (Sheehan), Jenna Cichowski (Foran), Isabella Battista (Sheehan), Riley Grunow (Foran), Charlotte McCarthy (Sacred Heart Academy)

100 Butterfly:  Leila Sofiane (Sheehan), Jung Joo Kim (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), Grace Young (Guilford), Nadia Lesieur (Lyman Hall), Greta Parkes (Shelton), Rory Jacobson (Branford)

100 Freestyle:  Elise Richardson (Lyman Hall), Haley Moriarity (Guilford), Kayla Bretan (Shelton), Charlotte Martocci (Guilford), Kate Convertito (Sacred Heart Academy), Raquel Camey (West Haven)

500 Freestyle:  Norah Rome (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), Brynn Leslie (Guilford), Kaia Michaud (Sacred Heart Academy), Alyssa Simione (Guilford), Jillian Goldbeck (Foran), Morgan Bucherati (Shelton)

200 Freestyle Relay

Lyman Hall (Caroline Krawec, Elena Bielesz, Hailey Baker, Elise Richardson)

Guilford (Sorina Cheng, Grace Young, Charlotte Martocci, Haley Moriarity)

Shelton (Greta Parkes, Kayla Breton, Maranda Balcerzak, Morgan Bucherati)

100 Backstroke:  Julia Rosado (East Haven/Wilbur Cross), Sorina Cheng (Guilford), Ellen Pan (Foran), Elena Bielesz (Lyman Hall), Erika Barone (Branford), Melissa Juliano (Branford)

100 Breaststroke:  Caroline Krawec (Lyman Hall), Grace Young (Guilford), Eva Cuevas (Sacred Heart Academy), Haley Moriarity (Guilford), Emma Fiorillo (Foran), Kaya Vital (Foran)

400 Freestyle Relay:

East Haven/Wilbur Cross (Jung Joo Kim, Kim Kate, Julia Rosado, Norah Rome)

Guilford (Brynn Leslie, Charlotte Martocci, Alyssa  Simione, Julia Earle)

Foran (Kaleigh Morton, Olivia Jones, Grace Tavitian, Ellen Pan)


Boys Soccer


Division A:  Andrew Carey (Sheehan), Eduardo Cienfuegas (North Haven), Ryan Gerry (Xavier), Erick Gonzalez (Whitney Tech), Ethan Gonzalez (Cheshire),  Murphy Malone (Cheshire), Kasey Mongillo (North Haven), Matthew Pisani (Cheshire), Jason Salley (Xavier), Noah Stevenson (Xavier), Riley Stone (Lyman Hall), Declan Turbett (Lyman Hall), Josh Venditto (Hamden), Jack Wagner (Hamden)


Division B:  Alec Aceves-Acosta (Branford), Luis Agudelo (East Haven), Aidan Buchanan (Guilford), Victor Calvillo (East Haven), Raffaele Ciarleglio (Branford), Mark Congacha (Career/Hillhouse), Anthony Ippolito (Guilford), Kevin Sian (Wilbur Cross), Niall O’Brien (Guilford), Chris Porte (Daniel Hand), Scott Testori (Daniel Hand), Alex Van Tassel (Wilbur Cross), Jason Wallack (Daniel Hand), Jack Wildermann (Daniel Hand)


Division C: Christian Allino (Notre Dame), Aldo Barrigan (West Haven), Arian Bobi (Amity Regional), Ben Carlson (Foran), Lex Edwards (Jonathan Law), Connor Gill (Shelton), Thomas Kummer (Foran), Ricardo Lopez (Platt Tech), Luca Marinelli (Foran), Aaron Mayerson (Amity Regional), Fillipe Mourau (Jonathan Law), Deven Papadimitriou (Shelton), Anthony Vendrella (West Haven), Nick Vitti (Notre Dame)


Girls Volleyball


Division A:   Paige Carlson (Foran), Elisabeth D’Albero (Lauralton Hall), Zoe Dizenzo (Amity Regional), Mari Dragan (Amity Regional), Anna Farruggio (Lauralton Hall), Laci Giuliano (Amity Regional), Hailee Harriman (Platt Tech), Jessica Jayakar (Shelton), Grace Kantor (Jonathan Law), Julia Krijgsman (Shelton), Tori Lanese (Foran), Madilyn Lula (Jonathan Law), Alexis Neider (Jonathan Law), Clarissa Pierre (Shelton), Sydney Pitter (Amity Regional)


Division B:  Hannah Auddino (North Haven), Isabella Bartolomei (Mercy), Mackenzie Grady (Lyman Hall), Ellery Campbel (Lyman Hall),  Julianna Corniello (Sacred Heart Academy),  Lydia Dellipoali (Sheehan),  Alexandra Ferriouolo (North Haven), Lilly Hedge (Mercy), Sarah Holley (Cheshire), Caitlyn Hunt (Sheehan),  Emily Jockle (Sheehan), Justine Manning (Sacred Heart Academy), Avery Mola (Cheshire), Hannah Portal (Cheshire), Victoria Santi (Cheshire), Gianna Scoppetto (Lyman Hall), Caroline Toni (North Haven)


Division C:  Rae Ada-George (Hamden),  Emma Appleman (Guilford), Alexandra Bietz (Branford), Emily Brouder (Guilford), Olivia Ciocca (Guilford), Carly Cordova(East Haven), Marzia Johnson (Branford), Neve Krajcir (West Haven), Victoria Heaphy (East Haven), Christina Logan (Hamden), Savannah Lopez (West Haven), Kaitlin Moran (Hamden), Taylor Salato (East Haven), Madeline Schneider (Daniel Hand), Rose Wallace (Daniel Hand), Juliet Young (Guilford)


Girls Soccer


Division A: Elizabeth  Arnold (Sheehan), Lexi Carim (Sheehan), Giavanna Damone (North Haven), Dani Ellis (Cheshire), Melina Ford (Mercy), Ella Guth (Sacred Heart Academy), Jada Ijeh (Sacred Heart Academy), Tiatianna Jones (Hamden), Kaila Lujambio (Mercy), Kathryn Menard (Mercy), Ariana Mullin (Hamden), Ellie Pergolotti (Cheshire), Alicea Piscitelli (Sheehan), Shianna Reeves (Lyman Hall), Grace Riegler (Mercy), Gabby Tirado (Cheshire)


Division B: Kat Baseggio (Guilford), Charlotte Buterbaugh (Wilbur Cross), Ava Ferrie (Branford), Taylor Gamberdella (Guilford), Macey Girard (Branford), Maddie Hummel (Daniel Hand), Kendall Infantino (Branford), Moira Kellaher (Guilford), Angelina Munoz (East Haven), Isabella Pilato (East Haven), Emily Pycela (East Haven), Brooke Salutari (Daniel Hand), Arly Saucedo (Career/Hillhouse, Ella Skonieczny (Daniel Hand), Arianna Tomassi (Guilford), Kate Van Tassel (Wilbur Cross)


Division C: Colleen Ardolino (Foran), Kayla Avilia (Platt Tech), Kayleigh Bartlett (Shelton), Noelle Garretson (Shelton), Nicole Grosso (Amity Regional), Selena Izzo (West Haven), Martyna Krysztopik (Amity Regional), Sabrina Lawless (Jonathan Law), Audrey Marin (Amity Regional), Lauren McCarthy (Lauralton Hall), Dylan O’Brien (Lauralton Hall), Elizabeth Porto (Shelton), Emily Sandin (Shelton), Rylee Tondora (Foran), Julia Tsakonas (West Haven), Tomalyn Williams (West Haven)




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