Saturday, September 19, 2020
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23rd Annual All-Conference Football Banquet Held

The SCC held its 23rd annual All-Conference Football Banquet on January 9 at Anthony's Ocean in New Haven.  Sixty-nine All-Conference players were recognized along with the OrthoNOW/SCC Players and Coaches of the Year.  In addition the three 2016 "tier" champions - West Haven (I), Hillhouse (II) and Sheehan (III) were feted.

Click here for the All-Conference player bios (pdf)

Click here for the event program (pdf)


OrthoNOW SCC Football Players of Year:  Nico Ragaini (Notre Dame, Tier 1), Zach Davis (Sheehan, Tier 3), Matt Brehon (Hillhouse, Tier 2) - photo by Bill O'Brien


OrthoNOW SCC Football Coaches of Year:  John Ferrazzi (Sheehan, Tier 3), Reggie Lytle (Hillhouse, Tier 2), Rich Boshea (West Haven, Tier 1) - photo by Bill O'Brien


Tier I Offense

OL: Byron Dickens (West Haven), Justin Keish (Notre Dame), Bobby Hawkins (West Haven), Pat Bourdeau (Cheshire), Robert Valeri (Shelton), Matt Liscio (Shelton)

TE: Bobby Haskins (Fairfield Prep), Jack Steinman (North Haven)

WR: Nico Ragaini (Notre Dame), Mike Millea (Cheshire), Anthony Schiavo (Shelton)

RB: Anthony Godfrey (West Haven), Glenn Cunningham (Xavier)

QB: David Wells (Shelton)

KR: Brett Bilcheck (Daniel Hand)

PK: Joe Zoppi (Shelton)


TIER I Defense

DL: Nate Miller (Fairfield Prep), Ayinde Johnson (Fairfield Prep), Giovanni Blue (Notre Dame), Niko Kvietkus (Xavier)

LB: Justin Greene (Shelton), Nick Leone (Daniel Hand), Brian Weyrauch (Cheshire), Tristan Andrzejewski (Notre Dame), Frank Longley (Notre Dame)

DB: Tom Dodge (North Haven), Kyle Godfrey (West Haven), Mike Jeffery (Cheshire), Jordan Gargiulo (Notre Dame)

Uty: Tim McCarthy (West Haven

P: Bruno Perlicki (Fairfield Prep)


Tier II/III Offense

OL: Moise Cisse (Hillhouse), Billy Oliver (Hillhouse), Angelo Simonelli (Foran), Jon Olschefski (Sheehan), Travis Jones (Wilbur Cross), Jaavon Brown (Hillhouse)

TE: Derrick Sims (Hillhouse), Jared Hubler (Foran)

WR:  Chase Kinzly (Hillhouse), Brett Huber (Foran), Kwane Taylor (Wilbur Cross)

RB:  Zach Davis (Sheehan), Matt Brehon (Hillhouse), Shawn Ogarro (Hillhouse), Colin Beaulieu (Amity Regional), AJ Moscato (Guilford), McClay Marshall (East Haven)

QB:  Lance DiNatale (Foran), Mitchell Smith (Jonathan Law)


Tier II/III Defense

DL:  Prince Boyd (Hillhouse), Bilgihan Elevli (Sheehan), Noah Washington (Wilbur Cross), Justin Abe (Jonathan Law), Jack Six (Guilford), Christopher Tillman (Hamden), Corey Waselik (East Haven)

LB: Danny James (Sheehan), Jake Mola (Jonathan Law), Noah Lordan (Branford), Ryan Bedini (Amity Regional), Niam Coward (East Haven, Nick May (Creed/Career/Whitney Tech), Kenneth Andersen (Creed/Career/Whitney Tech), Nick Santello (Lyman Hall)

DB: Steve Lynch (Foran), Jayvon Freeman (Wilbur Cross), Jay Dering (Branford), Spencer Berty (Branford)

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