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Boys Cross Country All-Conference

From 1994-2000, All-Conference selections were the top eight finishers at the SCC Meet. Starting in 2001, the top 12 were awarded All-Conference status. In 2013, the league changed to the top 12 finishers earning First Team All-Conference honors, and the finishers 13 to 24 - Second Team.


First Team:


Second Team:  


First Team: Drew Thompson (Fairfield Prep), Brendan Murray (Cheshire), Robert Dillon (Shelton), Peter Schulten (Xavier), Owen Curran (Xavier), Robbie Cozean (Xavier), Azaan Dawson (Fairfield Prep), Owen Lally (Xavier), Connor Visnic (Amity Regional), Dillon Selfors (Xavier), William Curran (Xavier), Jake Mattei (Amity Regional)

Second Team: Trevor Christie (Xavier), Andrew Burford (Amity Regional), Mahaamed Hussain (Wilbur Cross), Spencer Paragas (Amity Regional), Stephen Fengler (Sheehan), Alexandre Fishbein-Ouimet (Lyman Hall), Brendan Mellitt (Cheshire), Drew Newcomb (Fairfield Prep), Edward Tristine (Fairfield Prep), Matthew Richard (Shelton), Kevin Preneta (Foran), Brian Oliveira (Lyman Hall)


First Team:  Drew Thompson (Fairfield Prep), Brendan Murray (Cheshire), Kyle Beaudette (Amity Regional), Robbie Cozean (Xavier), Robert Dillon (Shelton), Andrew Burford (Amity Regional), Owen Curran (Xavier), Finn Davidson (Guilford), Christian Nilsson (Fairfield Prep), Dillon Selfors (Xavier), Quentin Arai (Cheshire)

Second Team: Brendan Corris (Amity Regional), Trevor Christie (Xavier), Connor Visnic (Amity Regional), Nicholas Yoo (Amity Regional), Spencer Paragas (Amity Regional), Jack Ardrey (Foran), Joshua Stern (Guilford), Matthew Richard (Shelton), Jacob Lawlor (Cheshire), Kevin Preneta (Foran), Joseph Keller (Fairfield Prep), Brian Oliveira (Lyman Hall)


First Team: Drew Thompson (Fairfield Prep), Brendan Murray (Cheshire), Kyle Beaudette (Amity Regional), Ben Siciliano (Guilford), Harrison Block (Amity Regional), Jack McGowen (Fairfield Prep), George Crist (Fairfield Prep), Collin Roth (Daniel Hand), Connor Crane (Amity Regional), Timothy Cannata (Amity Regional), Finn Davidson (Guilford), Jonathan Gill (Lyman Hall)

Second Team: Jack Ardrey (Foran), Joshua Stern (Guilford), Daniel Perusina (Hamden), Michael DeLuca (Notre Dame), Sean Collins (Daniel Hand), John O’Connor (Fairfield Prep), Andrew Burford (Amity Regional), Jacob Lawlor (Cheshire), Dan Hettrick (Xavier), Robert Dillon (Shelton), William Simics (Shelton), Jordan Kolpak (Cheshire)


First Team: Kyle Beaudette (Amity Regional), Brendan Murray (Cheshire), Harrison Block (Amity Regional), Luke Arsenault (Branford), John O’Hara (Xavier), Ben Siciliano (Guilford), Joe Edelstein (Shelton), Russell Adam (Cheshire), Sricharan Kadimi (Amity Regional), Ryan Brennan (North Haven), Dan Hergott (Xavier), Matthew Arovas (Amity Regional)

Second Team: Jack McGowan (Fairfield Prep), Calum Wright (Hamden), Jordan Kolpak (Cheshire), George Crist (Fairfield Prep), Brendan Purcell (Amity Regional), Tim Cannata (Amity Regional), Mark Fusco (Cheshire), Daniel Tozzi (Hamden), Ryan Connell (Branford), Tyler Porcello (Foran), Collin Roth (Daniel Hand), Kevin Clarke (Daniel Hand)



First Team: Christian Alvarado (Fairfield Prep), Tim Kenefick (Guilford), Zach Williams (Xavier), Sal Siciliano (Guilford), Michael Yuan (Amity Regional), John O’Hara (Xavier), Russell Adam (Cheshire), James Mulliken (Fairfield Prep), Lucas Marcouiller (Cheshire), Luke Arsenault (Branford), Kyle Beaudette (Amity Regional), Alec Hilton (Fairfield Prep)

Second Team: Tommy Laydon (Sheehan), Rafael Phillips (Cheshire), Ian Connell (Guilford), Sricharan Kadimi (Amity Regional), Andrew Thane (Fairfield Prep), Adam Vare (Fairfield Prep), Joseph Edelstein (Shelton), Daniel Tozzi (Hamden), Aaron Barkin (Amity Regional), David Napierkowski (Notre Dame), Christopher MacKay (Amity Regional), Calum Wright (Hamden)


Click here for All-Division Team (pdf)

Christian Alvarado (Fairfield Prep), Mitchell Brown (Xavier), Ryan Pearl (Hamden), Shae Belinski (Amity), Peter Strom (Xavier), Tim Fenefick (Guilford), Zachary Williams (Xavier), Sal Siciliano (Guilford), Sagar Nakrani (Cheshire), James Mulliken (Fairfield Prep), Andy Thane (Fairfield Prep), Eric Fischer (Branford)


Click here for All-Division Teams (pdf)

Connor Rog (Fairfield Prep), David Pugliese (Xavier), Tommy Lupoli (Sheehan), Kevin Maguire (Guilford), Patrick Corona (Fairfield Prep), Clark Shurtleff (Amity), Eric Arsenault (Branford), Chris Alvarado (Fairfield Prep), Russell Stevens (Xavier), Zach Williams (Xavier), Adam Kelley (Amity), Shae Belenksi (Amity)



Click here for All-Division Teams (pdf)

Connor Rog (Fairfield Prep), Jonathan Annelli (Xavier), Jeff Moretti (Guilford), Dan Nestor (Hand), Ian Albert (Xavier), David Pugliese (Xavier), Kevin Maguire (Guilford), Dean Bhatt (Amity), Sean Mueller (Cheshire), Thomas Dextradeur (Branford), Clark Shurtleff (Amity), William Schloth (Fairfield Prep)



Click here for All-Division Teams (pdf)

Sean Mueller (Cheshire), Ryan Laemel (Amity), Connor Rog (Fairfield Prep), Dan Nestor (Hand), Dave Cotton (Hand), Ian Albert (Xavier), Chris FitzSimons (Hamden), Nick Saba (Hamden), Nick Lemon (Xavier), Jonathan Annelli (Xavier), Dean Bhatt (Amity), John Cocco (Amity)


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Richard Stoliker (Shelton), Sean Mueller (Cheshire), Robbie Dextradeur (Branford), Ryan Laemel (Amity), Dan Nestor (Hand), Adam Trofa (Amity), Ryan McGuire (Notre Dame), Connor Rog (Fairfield Prep), Sean Nestor (Hand), Robert Yamnicky (Shelton), Michael Bhatt (Amity), Ehrin McWeeney (Shelton)


Click here for All-Division Teams (pdf)

Forrest Misenti (Xavier), Keith Sansone (Shelton), Matt Casey (Branford), Adam Trofa (Amity), Ryan Laemel (Amity), Ryan McGuire (Notre Dame), Cory Loftis (Branford), Dave Birdsall (Hand), Sean Mueller (Cheshire), Pat Martucci (Guilford), Kevin Tiernan (Law), Dave Cotton (Hand)



Adam Vess (Xavier); Wes Halstead (Amity); Forrest Misenti (Xavier); Matthew Fahey (Xavier); Paul Kichar (Amity); Alex Dunn (Guilford); Cory Fagan (Xavier); Keith Sansone (Shelton); Adam Trofa (Amity); Kevin Tiernan (Law); Matt Casey (Branford); Daniel Rothberg (Amity)


Jay Koloseus (Guilford); Christopher Zablocki (Xavier); Michael McSherry (Amity); William Sudhoff (Amity); Adam Vess (Xavier); Wesley Halstead (Amity); Alex McSherry (Amity); Christopher Walsh (Amity); Tom Hope (Shelton); Justin Zawalinski (Xavier); Steve Berganyino (Guilford); Alex Montclair (Cheshire)

Jay Koloseus (Guilford); Steve Swirsky (Branford); Phil Padilla (Shelton); Chris Zablocki (Xavier); Thomas Hope (Shelton); Tim Durham (Guilford); Steve Durham (Guilford); James Phelan (Guilford); William Sudhoff (Amity); Dan Hodson (Fairfield Prep); Mike McSherry (Amity); Alex McSherry (Amity)

David Krause (Amity); Brian Cacace (Notre Dame); Chris McDermott (Notre Dame); Tim Clark (Lyman Hall); Jay Koloseus (Guilford); Steve Swirsky (Branford); Tom Hanley (Fairfield Prep); Phil Padilla (Shelton); Paul Emerson (Fairfield Prep); Robert D'Angelo (Amity); Tom McKean (Amity); Edward Sudhoff (Amity)

Owen McKenna (Xavier); Chris McDermott (Notre Dame); Tim Andreadis (Cheshire); Charlie Belvin (Cheshire); Kevin DeGenova (Xavier); Jay Koloseus (Guilford); Pat Gann (Guilford); Eric VanWinkle (Branford); Andrew Percy (Amity); Pat Long (Cheshire); Tom McKeon (Cheshire); Edward Sudhoff (Amity)

Jeff Roginielewicz (Derby); Owen McKenna (Xavier); Tim Andreadis (Cheshire); Daniel Pugliese (Xavier); David Krause (Amity); Dan Casey (Branford); Alex Bloom (Guilford); Collin Walsh (Notre Dame); Richard Goulet (Shelton); Bruce Bassi (Amity); Zack DelCorte (East Haven); Justin Percivalle (Shelton)

Brian McGovern (Fairfield Prep); Alex Bloom (Guilford); Carl Desir (Amity); Daniel Pugliese (Xavier); Jeff Roginielewicz (Derby); Tim Andreadis (Cheshire); Sean Flynn (Xavier); Owen McKenna (Xavier)

Alex Bloom (Guilford); Tyler Cardinal (Xavier); Carl Desir (Amity); Jesse Efron (Fairfield Prep); Kevin Higgins (Fairfield Prep); Matt Jackson (Fairfield Prep); Brian McGovern (Fairfield Prep); Adrian Proietti (Shelton)

Brian McGovern (Fairfield Prep); Neal D'Amato (Xavier); Collin Richford (Fairfield Prep); Matt Karatkewicz (Xavier); Tom O'Donnell (Fairfield Prep); David Clayman (Hamden); Mike Capasso (Lyman Hall); Adrian Proietti (Shelton)

Neal D'Amato (Xavier); Collin Richford (Fairfield Prep); John Thomas (Fairfield Prep); Pat McMahon (Xavier); Brian McGovern (Fairfield Prep); Ryan Steer (Hand); Carl DiSarno (Hamden); James Koniers (Fairfield Prep)

Joe McKnight (Guilford); Gary Stevens (Amity); Neal D'Amato (Xavier); Edward Buffa (Amity); Carl DiSarno (Guilford); Tyler Johnson (Xavier); Chris Scapillato (Fairfield Prep); Joe Mediavilla (Xavier)

Steve Maheu (Xavier); Joe McKnight (Guilford); Brendan Hines (Xavier); Dan McCormick (Cheshire); Gary Stevens (Amity); Muhammad Dawson (Hamden); Carl DiSarno (Guilford); Ed Buffa (Amity)

Steve Maheu (Xavier); Dan Wilson (Notre Dame); Joe McKnight (Guilford); M. Katuzmey (Sheehan); J. Winkley (Xavier); Brendan Hines (Xavier); R. Bell (Wilbur Cross); Muhammad Dawson (Hamden)




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